Choosing ESR Wheels Based On Safety, Performance And Appearance

Performance wheels, such as ESR wheels, have several advantages over other types of wheels. They can be very efficient and balance this with safety and performance. They are also able to be engineered with several types of colors. The success of performance wheels comes from how they are tested.

Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio

The stiffness to weight ratio is the measure of the efficiency of a material's mass. In an axial mode, it is measured by tensile modulus divided by density. One of the advantages of these wheels is that they are designed to maximize this ratio. 

The stiffness to weight ratio can be maximized while also preserving safety and performance. To make sure that the  wheels are safe, the manufacturers simulate road conditions so that the safety and functionality of the wheels can be tested. The size of your wheel also affects the performance of your car.

Wheel Load

One of the characteristics that determines the safety of a wheel is how much of a load it is able to withstand. The wheel load refers to the maximum amount of weight that the wheel is able to carry. The load that your wheel will need to be able to carry is based on the vehicle you're driving. 

If you are driving a passenger vehicle, you'll need to be able to carry 1400 lbs. Pick-up trucks, on the other hand, will need to be able to handle a greater wheel load based on the bolt patterns. The weight that your vehicle will need to be able to carry is based on the bolt pattern.

Performance Wheel Testing

The wheels undergo radial and corner testing. They also undergo round testing, paint testing and leak testing. This allows for a lifetime warranty. A warranty is important because you may be able to have your wheels replaced for free if something goes wrong with them.

The Color of the Wheel

Performance wheels can come in several colors. Some of the most common colors are black, silver and gold. While the wheels might be designed to simulate one material, they are often made from aluminum. Therefore, you'll be able to choose wheels that are a color that would best match your vehicle. 

Fortunately, once you know everything that you'll need to look into when selecting wheels, you'll have a much easier time purchasing wheels that will give your vehicle the look you're aiming for while also meeting safety and performance standards.