Your Tires Can Cause You To Fail A Smog Test

If you need to pass a smog test, don't just check under the hood. Sure, the condition of your engine and other systems is important if you want to pass the smog test. However, did you know that the condition of your tires is equally important? Before you unexpectedly fail your test, learn what tire red flags you should address. Poorly Sized Tires Make sure your tires are sized correctly, in that they aren't too large or too small.

Keep These Car Care Tips In Mind

As a car owner, you want to learn everything that you can about keeping your car in the best condition possible. Most car owners without mechanical training or experience know a little about regular maintenance but find that they are always learning something new. This shows that very few of them have all of the knowledge a car owner should This article will go over many of the car care maintenance tips you should know about, hopefully covering some you aren't already aware of and increasing your ability to take better care of your car.