Looking To Purchase A Roadside Assistance Plan? Ask If A Company Covers These Services

Roadside assistance plans can help you if something unexpected happens. These types of plans typically offer their members jump starts if their battery dies, help changing a flat tire, assistance getting in a vehicle that keys may be locked inside of, or towing their vehicle to the nearest automobile repair shop. While there are many similarities among roadside assistance plans, there are also some differences too. If you are looking to purchase a plan, you want to pay close attention to what your plan may cover and what may not be covered. Here are three services that not every roadside assistance company offers. 

Fuel Delivery Service

One of the services that some roadside assistance programs offer is fuel delivery service. If you run out of gas, your plan will bring you gas if this is a service that they offer. Typically, plans that offer this service offer a gallon of gas, helping you to make it to a gas station so you can fuel up. However, while this may sound convenient, not every company offers fuel delivery services. Always ask a roadside assistance plan if they offer this service, how much gas they bring you, and how much you will be charged, if anything, for the delivered gas.  

Mechanical First Aid

One of the newer types of services that some roadside assistance plans are starting to offer is mechanical first aid. If your vehicle suddenly stops working, the fix to that problem may be fairly simple. You may need fluid topped off, you may need a belt tightened or realigned, or you may need your tire patched to help you get back on the road. Mechanical first aid is designed to help you drive your vehicle to a repair shop on your own to have your vehicle inspected or repaired. It can save you the time and money of needing your vehicle towed. 

Winching Services

Lastly, when you are looking into buying a roadside assistance plan, find out if winching services are covered. If your car gets stuck in the mud or you spin out on an icy road and your car lands in a ditch, winching may be needed to pull your car out. Winching can be costly, so finding a plan that offers this service can come in handy. 

Not every roadside assistance plan offers fuel delivery service, mechanical first aid or winching services. Unfortunately, you cannot predict what may go wrong with your car and when, and as such, you should be prepared for every scenario. Finding a roadside assistance plan that offers the most services can help you to plan for the unexpected. If you are in the market for a roadside assistance plan, reach out to various companies to learn what services they offer, and then compare those plans to other plans. This will help you find the right roadside assistance program for your needs.