3 Reasons Owner-Operators Need 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

There are plenty of costs associated with owning and operating your own commercial vehicle. In addition to the cost of your truck, you need to deal with routine maintenance, repairs, and operating expenses such as gas. With so many factors eating into your bottom line, you may wonder if roadside assistance services are worth adding another red line to your budget.

The truth is that no trucker should be without available 24-hour truck road service. Although you never want to imagine yourself in an emergency, the costs of facing one unprepared can be severe. There are countless reasons why these services are essential, but this article will outline three of the most critical ways that 24-hour roadside assistance can save you money.

1. Commercial Truck Towing Costs

If you've never had to have your truck towed, then consider yourself lucky. Towing charges for heavy-duty trucks can be pricy, especially if you find yourself stuck in a challenging situation. Because of the high costs, you'll typically want to avoid tows whenever you can. Fortunately, many common problems shouldn't require a tow from a heavy-duty wrecker.

Instead, you can often solve minor issues such as a dead battery or flat tire with the help of a commercial roadside assistance program. The cost of having a technician solve your problem on the side of the road will typically be much less than the cost of a tow. Plus, you'll get your truck back on the road much more quickly, reducing the costs associated with lost time.

2. Unpredictable Hours

Working for a large company might mean driving a regular 9-to-5 schedule, but owner-operators often find themselves on the road at all hours of the night. Unfortunately, your truck is unlikely to respect your dedication to getting the job done. Mechanical failures or other issues can occur at any time, and waiting until morning can sometimes mean unacceptable delays.

24-hour road service companies know that your time is valuable, which means being available even if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road at 2 in the morning. These quick response times allow you to keep moving even if you break down well outside regular business hours.

3. Knowledge & Expertise

Sometimes it seems like you have no choice but to tow your rig into a shop, but it can be hard to make this judgment call if you're not a commercial mechanic. Once you call for a tow truck, you're on the hook for the cost of towing in addition to repair costs. A full-service commercial assistance company comes with more knowledge and expertise, allowing them to evaluate your truck before towing.

In many cases, the technician that arrives may be able to solve your problem for you without pulling your rig to a shop. Avoiding a tow may save you hundreds of dollars or more, easily justifying the comparatively minor cost of working with a commercial roadside assistance service to solve your problem.