Emergency Tows - How To Handle A Towing Service That Involves Leaving Your Vehicle Unattended

You may encounter a situation that will require you to leave your vehicle unattended while you are waiting for a 24-hour tow truck operator to assist you. Use the following guidelines to arrange a tow and protect your vehicle while it is left along a roadway.


A 24-hour towing company offers prompt roadside services that can be accessed at any time that you need assistance. If you have small children or a pressing deadline, it may not be possible for you to wait for a tow truck operator to arrive. Leaving your car unattended for many hours could result in your vehicle being impounded. An impound fee can be costly. When a vehicle is impounded, it is up to a local authority to determine which towing company will handle the towing service.

Contact a 24-hour tow truck driver and arrange for an emergency tow. Let the tow truck operator know that you will not be staying with your vehicle. Let them know where your vehicle is located and convey information about the condition of your vehicle. A tow truck operator will need a key to your vehicle. Consult with the driver about where you will be placing the key. Provide contact information, which will allow the driver to call you when they retrieve your vehicle.


To avoid an impound, contact the local police and let them know about the vehicular issue. An officer will take note of the location of your vehicle. They may advise you on how to prepare your vehicle. If your vehicle is in the way of traffic, you will need to have it pushed off of the roadway. A flag, emergency lights, and an open hood can be used to alert motorists and the tow truck driver to the location of your vehicle.

Before you leave your vehicle unattended, remove any valuables and other essentials from your vehicle. If your vehicle has broken down in a highly-populated area, you may want to contact your insurance provider and let them know about the fact that your vehicle will be towed.

If your vehicle is vandalized or broken into, prior to the tow truck operator arriving, it can be beneficial to have a solid record of you contacting the local authorities and your insurance company. Once the tow truck driver has transported your vehicle to their shop or to another automotive shop, you can make arrangements to have essential repairs made. 

For more information, contact a 24-hour towing service.